Hare and the Dog: Your Premier Beverage Destination in Vergennes, Vermont

We are excited to announce a fresh chapter in our story: Vergennes Wine has now become Hare and the Dog! While our name has changed, our commitment to providing you with an exceptional selection of beverages remains steadfast.

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Located in the Heart of Downtown Vergennes

Hare and the Dog is nestled in the vibrant heart of downtown Vergennes, Vermont. As a full-service beverage store, we offer an extensive range of wine, beer, liquor, and more, ensuring you find just what you need for any occasion.

🍷 Over 35 Years of Beverage Expertise

Our team brings over 35 years of experience in the beverage industry to the table. Their passion for helping customers is unmatched, whether you’re selecting the perfect wine for a quiet Tuesday dinner, choosing the ideal craft beer for a family event, or planning the beverage menu for a grand wedding celebration.


🌍 Explore Our World-Class Selection

At Hare and the Dog, we pride ourselves on our diverse and extensive selection that includes:

  • 800+ Wines: Discover wines from over 15 countries, each selected for its unique character and excellent craftsmanship.

  • 100+ Craft Beers and Ciders: Enjoy a taste of Vermont with selections from more than 30 local breweries and cideries.

  • Exclusive Microbrews: Sample the best microbrews from across the U.S. and beyond.

  • Vermont Distilled Products: Experience the finest local spirits alongside nationally recognized brands.

  • Kegs on Demand: Planning a larger gathering? Preorder your kegs with us for guaranteed freshness and quality.


🥂 We’re Here to Help

At Hare and the Dog, we’re more than just a liquor store; we’re a part of your community. Our knowledgeable staff are here to assist you in making the best choices from our vast selection. Whether you’re a connoisseur or just beginning to explore the world of beverages, we’re here to guide you.

Visit us today and discover why Hare and the Dog is your go-to destination for all things beverage in Vergennes, Vermont!